Faculty Research Projects/Publications

Materials Engineering


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      • Complete list of publications available here
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      Biological and Biomimetic Materials
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      Architectured cellular materials
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      Patterned interfaces
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      Mechanics of conventional Materials
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      Current Research Projects

      • Convergent Evolution To Engineering: Multiscale Structures And Mechanics In Damage Tolerant Functional Bio-Composite And Biomimetic Materials - DoD/MURI 2015-2018.
      • CAREER: "Multiscale Investigation and Mimicry of Naturally-Occurring Ultra-High Performance Composite Materials," NSF Faculty Early Career Development 2013-2018.
      • Phase Transforming Cellular Materials, NSF-Goali, 2015-2018.
      • A Multiscale Strategy for the Modeling of the mechanical performance of hoop and loop fasteners based on a detachment zone model (DZM). Velcro Co. 2013-2016.
      • Collaborative Research: 3D Printing of Civil Infrastructure Material with Controlled Microstructural Architectures, NSF, 2016-2019.
      • Scalable Nanomanufacturing. SNM: Roll-To-Roll Manufacturing Of Films And Laminates Based On Cellulose Nanomaterials, NSF, 2014-2018.
      • Concrete Patching Materials And Techniques An Guidelines For Hot Weather Concreting INDOT/JTRP, 2014-2016.
      • Investigating The Need For Hma Drainage Layers INDOT/JTRP2015-2016.
      • Toward Performance Related Specifications for Concrete Pavements INDOT/JTRP, 2014-2016.
      • Damage-tolerant Biological Composites Derived from the Teeth of a Giant Chiton AFOSR 2012-2017.
      • Uncovering and Validating Toughening Mechanisms in High Performance Composites, AFOSR 2012-2016.
      • Performance Acceptance and Performance Monitoring of Pavement Using Falling Weight Deflectormer (FWD) and International Roughness Index (IRI) - Phase II, SPR-3902, Jun. 2023 - present (Serving as Co-PI)
      • Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) Overlay Performance Evaluation, SPR-4728, Jan. 23 - present. (Serving as Co-PI)
      • Performance Related Specification for Pavement Milling, SPR-4332, Jan. 19 - present. (Serving as Project Manager)
      • Remaining Service Life Prediction of Indiana Pavements Using Mechanistic, SPR-4443, Feb. 20 - present. (Serving as Project Manager)
      • Complete list of research projects available here
      • JTRP/INDOT: Investigation of Anti-Icing Chemicals and Interactions (January 2007 - December 2009)
      • JTRP/INDOT: Performance Evaluation of Ultra-Thin Whitetopping Using Large-Scale APT Facility (August 2006 - March 2007)
      • National Center for Asphalt Technology/FHWA (May 2006 - December 2007)
      • Northwestern University/ACBM Center: Rapid-Setting, Self-Compacting Concrete (October 2006 - October 2007)
      • JTRP/INDOT: Specifications for Flowable Fill (April 2006 - June 2006)
      • FHWA/INDOT/JTRP: Continued Monitoring of Indiana’s SPS-9A site (October ’05 - October ’09)
      • Validation of Superpave Mixture Design and Analysis Procedures Using the NCAT Test Track, JTRP (1998-Present), PI
      • Investigation of the Performance of Neat and Modified Asphalt Binders, JTRP (2001-Present), PI
      • Frictional Resistance of Aggregates for Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements, JTRP (2002-Present), PI
      • HMA Pavement Performance and Durability, JTRP (2002-Present), PI
      • Investigation of Coarse Aggregate Strength for Use in Stone Matrix Asphalt, JTRP (2004-2005), PI
      • Validation of Performance-Related Test of Aggregates for Use in Hot-Mix Asphalt, NCHRP (2000-2005), Co-PI
      • Frictional Resistance of Aggregates for Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements, JTRP, (John E. Haddock, P.I.).