Funding Your Studies

Approximately 60% of our graduate students are supported on assistantships that remit tuition and pay a stipend of $2015 to $2175 per month.  These assistantships are competitively awarded by faculty members with a position available, based upon the material supplied in the student's application (statement of purpose, reference letters, transcripts, and standardized tests scores).

About 25% of high quality, incoming students with applications that closely match our research and teaching needs are offered assistantships. Although grades and standardized test scores are important, a student's research interest, statement of purpose and reference letters often play the most important role to decide which students we select to offer assistantships. In addition to the assistantship offers students are automatically considered for university fellowships during the application process. Students should consider submitting applications to the following programs as a possible avenue for funding their graduate education.

For more funding opportunities see Graduate School Funding.