Ross Judson Buck Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Mentor

The endowment was established in December 1974 with a gift by Ross W. & Edith H. Buck for an undergraduate faculty mentor award in memory of Ross J. Buck (BSCE '07). Recipients will be selected by the CE Awards Committee with nominations from students or faculty.

Selection Criteria

All full time faculty members are eligible for this award except for the recipients of this award for the past 3 years. Any senior student may nominate any faculty member regardless of whether that nominee is the assigned mentor to the nominating student. Civil Engineering faculty may also nominate any faculty member whom they consider worthy of this award. The latter nominations must be accompanied by a supporting statement.

As a general criterion, the student should nominate the faculty member who the student considers to have been of the most benefit to his/her undergraduate career in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering at Purdue. In making a selection, the student and the faculty should consider the following qualifications:

  • Generally was available when the student needed advice on either educational or personal problems;
  • Gave good guidance in developing the student's curriculum;
  • Had an excellent attitude toward counseling undergraduates; and
  • Was active in assisting in activities of organizations of which the student was a member.

In addition to the preceding, the Awards Committee will consider the following attributes in selecting the award recipient:

  • The recipient was quite active in advising student organizations;
  • The recipient was known for the individual attention he gives to each student;
  • The number of advisees for a nominee can be considered, but should not be the controlling factor in selection, and;
  • The nominee makes an effort to see that his advisees have a curriculum that is relatively broad in the areas of civil engineering.

There are certain programs in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering where an individual has the regular duty of counseling a relatively large number of students; this refers to the individuals assigned to direct the Co-op program, the CEM program and overall course-scheduling for the School. Where such individuals are nominated for this award, information relative to the quality of the program which they administer and their activities and leadership in these programs is highly desirable.

Past Recipients

2023 - Nusrat Jung
2022 - Darcy Bullock
2021 - Brandon Boor
2020 - Dulcy Abraham
2019 - Cary Troy
2018 - Mark Bowman
2017 - Hubo Cai
2016 - Jon Fricker
2015 - Judy Liu
2014 - Loring Nies
2013 - Garrett D. Jeong
2012 - Robert J. Frosch
2011 - Travis Horton
2010 - Ayhan Irfanoglu
2009 - Garrett D. Jeong
2008 - Dulcy Abraham
2007 - W. Jason Weiss
2006 - Marika C. Santagata
2005 - Steven D. Johnson
2004 - C. Douglas Sutton
2003 - Vincent P. Drnevich
2002 - Garrett D. Jeong
2001 - Timothy M. Whalen
2000 - C. Douglas Sutton
1999 - Ronald F. Wukasch
1998 - Mark D. Bowman
1997 - Gilbert Satterly
1996 - Edward C. Ting
1995 - Samer M. Madanat
1994 - Gilbert T. Satterly
1993 - Leonard E. Wood
1992 - Benito J. Marinas
1991 - Robert H. Lee
1990 - Julio A. Ramirez
1989 - Lloyd S. Jones
1988 - John T. Gaunt
1987 - Julio A. Ramirez
1986 - Mark D. Bowman
1985 - Donn E. Hancher
1984 - V.J. Meyers
1983 - Robert H. Lee
1982 - J.T.P. Yao
1981 - Martin J. Gutzwiller
1980 - Lloyd H. Kemmer
1979 - John G. McEntyre
1978 - Donn E. Hancher
1977 - William J. Kay
1976 - Lloyd H. Kemmer