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Message From the Head

Something I am sure just about everyone in the civil engineering field can relate to — whether they are in research, industry or academia — is a desire to understand what the future of civil engineering will be.

Hazardous Hair Care

The average morning routine for many Americans includes inhaling several milligrams of chemicals that may be harmful to their health, Purdue University researchers have found.

Documenting Eroding Shorelines

As shorelines around the world continue to erode while sea levels rise, a Purdue University professor is developing a new process using satellite imagery to improve understanding of these changes and better predict their environmental and societal impacts.

Building for the Future

A decade ago, 3D concrete printing was still an emerging technology. It's now one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the construction industry, projected to reach $40 billion by 2028. A new course offered in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering will equip tomorrow's engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this new market.

The Road to Industry

Two years ago, Lauren Jenkins had never heard of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. In August 2023, the senior from Tallahassee, Florida, attended the organization’s annual meeting and accepted the Best Student Chapter Award on behalf of the Purdue University student chapter of ITE. It was the second year in a row Purdue’s chapter earned this top recognition.

Life in Outer Space

A habitat on the moon — something once only depicted in science fiction — is potentially just a few years away from becoming a reality, according to Purdue University researchers.

Water Scarcity in India

For the past two years, Venkatesh Merwade, professor of civil engineering, has led a winter study abroad course in India. There, Purdue University and University of Iowa engineering students travel through the country to learn how water conservation projects are having positive impacts on rural communities in the states of Haryana and Rajasthan.

Record-Breaking Career Fair

A record-breaking 200-plus employers attended the annual Purdue Civil Engineering Student Advisory Council (CESAC) career fair. Held each fall, the fair is home to one of Purdue University’s biggest on-campus hiring opportunities.

A Career Takes Flight

From an early age, Shannon Gunn set her eyes on the sky. Gunn (BSCE 2017) grew up in New Orleans and San Antonio. Both places, she said, allowed her to explore different cultures and ways of life. Her love of airports came at a young age through family travel — and her passion for civil engineering stemmed from a fifth-grade class project.
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