Mary Ann Zimmerman Purdue Civil Engineering Innovation Award

The Mary Ann Zimmerman Purdue Civil Engineering Innovation Award was initiated to recognize, encourage, and promote creative thinking and outreach. It is awarded to an individual to encourage and support civil engineering innovations that further the School's progress through education, research, conferences, or other outreach activities. All full-time faculty, staff and students are eligible.

The award recipient will be honored during the annual Lyles School of Civil Engineering End of Semester Banquet and Internal Awards Program, and receive $1000 to be used for the innovative activity for which the award was given. The recipient is selected by the CE Staff Awards Committee based on nominations and supporting letters.

Award Criteria | Nomination Form


Andrew Whelton​ - for his ongoing efforts in leading response teams to provide guidance and testing that help local governments and townspeople, and aiding communities ravaged by wildfires and other disasters

Satish Ukkusuri & Shagun Mittal​ - for novel application of big data and AI techniques to infer mobility; Development of transportation-based insights and poverty-based inequalities for cities in Lowand Medium-Income Countries (LMICs) in Africa

Zhihao Kong​ - for a novel in-situ concrete strength testing method that enables real-time monitoring of infrastructure strength, named as an “Infrastructure GameChanger” by the American Society of Civil Engineers in March 2021

Rih-Teng Wu – for innovative activities centered around developing novel artificial intelligence frameworks for civil/structural engineering applications

Srinath Shiv Kumar – for creative and innovative approaches in addressing defect detection in wastewater pipes, and for creative ways in promoting research and the value of science and math education

Luna Lu – for her innovations in thermoelectric nanomaterials, multifunctional construction materials, and for advancing non-destructive techniques for assessing Civil infrastructure
Yining Feng – for his innovations in low-cost, high temperature thermoelectric materials/devices

Shuai Li – for fostering creative thinking and cutting-edge activity

Juyeong Choi – for innovative research on community resilience to natural disasters, and efforts in engaging with the community to disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge in civil engineering through public service initiatives

Joseph Louis

Eleni Bardaka (graduate student working with Nadia Gkritza)

Joshua Harley

Venkatesh Merwade

Joe Sinfield

Cary Troy – for his innovative research on lake water quality
Becky Hull – for her development of and dedication to the new CE Global Program

Cindy Lawley

Bryan Hubbard