CE Outstanding Staff Award

Award Criteria | Nomination Form


The purpose of this award is to recognize, encourage, and promote outstanding Staff in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering.


The award is open to all administrative, professional, and clerical staff in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering with at least a half-time appointment and at least three years of continuous service to the School. The award may not be given to the same individual more than once in a three year period. The nominee must be an employee of the Lyles School of Civil Engineering at the time of nomination. The awardee is expected to remain an employee of the School of Civil Engineering until presentation of the award at the annual ceremony except for special cases such as retirement.

Spirit of the Award

  • Continuously goes above and beyond the expectations of his/her position.
  • Exhibits a consistent pattern of congenial behavior to all contacts and treats others with respect.
  • Has a positive attitude even under the most difficult of circumstances.
  • Anticipates needs and takes appropriate action.
  • Implemented new ideas that improved the atmosphere or efficiency of his/her area or the School.


  • One award will be given annually.
  • Candidates may be nominated by any faculty or staff member in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering.
  • Selections will be made by the Staff Awards Committee.
  • The award recipient will be honored during the annual Lyles School of Civil Engineering End of Semester Banquet and Internal Awards Program, and receive a $1000 award and individual plaque. The recipient's name will also be inscribed on a plaque displayed in Hampton Hall.

Past Recipients

2023 - Julie Jesiek
2022 - Bill Schmidt
2021 - Sue Khalifah
2020 - Ashley Watson
2019 - Dave Rater
2018 - Debra Burrow
2017 - Deborah Horton
2016 - Brad Caffery
2015 - Jason Lloyd
2014 - Harry Tidrick
2013 - Kathy Heath
2012 - Jenny Ricksy
2011 - Judy Haan
2010 - Sharon Nemeth
2009 - Becky Hull
2008 - Molly Stetler
2007 - Maeve Drummond