PMRI Student Tyler Dewechter presents to the PMRI seminar class, February 14, 2024


Last week I had the opportunity to provide a "Coast Guard at a Glance" brief to the current class of Purdue Military Research Institute officers. It was an awesome opportunity to spotlight our service's history, broad mission set, and capabilities, alongside many examples of DHS/DoD partnerships.

Founded by military veterans, PMRI provides no-cost, in-resident graduate education to military officers in pursuit of Masters and PhD programs. In addition to funding, PMRI connects students with faculty conducting Defense and Homeland Security research. Officers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force across a vast array of specialties have taken part in this program, many of them recent graduates from their respective Academies pursuing advanced degrees prior to entry into the fleet. Growing to nearly 60 officers enrolled per year, in 2023 the program signed on its 197th member.

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in this network of officers, witnessing their research, and growing what I hope will become an enduring Coast Guard partnership.