Purdue Military Research Institute Overview

The Purdue Military Research Institute (PMRI) stood up in the Fall of 2014 to focus on synergistic collaboration with our military partners by offering access to some 1900 faculty conducting world-class research in numerous areas of significant interest to our DoD.  Housed in Purdue’s College of Engineering, the initiative is avidly supported by President Chiang. Specifically, PMRI partners with the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Space Force in three focus areas:

  1. A merit-based fellowship that covers all costs for a graduate degree (except for books and some small costs around graduation).
  2. A summer intern program for undergraduates from our military academies, Purdue ROTC, and select student veterans from other US universities/colleges.
  3. A faculty exchange program.

Graduate School Scholarships

This in-resident initiative focuses first on PhD/STEM candidates, but considers MS applicants as well and matches students with Purdue faculty working DoD funded projects (other faculty research projects that parallel DoD interests are also considered).  The majority of our students are in Engineering with some in Technology, Science and “Other” dependent upon Military Service needs.  All tuition costs and fees applicable to completing the intended degree are without cost for both the Service and the student (please note, the student is responsible for books and thesis deposit fees).  Students receive funding for up to 3 years to complete a PhD or up to 2 years to complete a MS (note, completion timelines for MS degrees may be shortened by the Services).   We fully vet participating faculty to ensure they are aware of the accelerated timeline for our students and able to support their cost share.

Students interested in this program will need to apply and be accepted to our graduate school.  If you are serving on active duty and will remain and serve on active duty after graduation, you may apply for this fellowship initiative here

Summer Intern Program

Our summer intern program coordinates with Purdue faculty to identify projects and then recruits cadets/midshipmen from our military academies, Purdue’s ROTC detachments, and a small number of undergraduates from other universities/colleges such as the Veterans to Energy Careers (VTEC).  The purpose is to introduce students to research and as well as recruit them to our graduate school.  The program mirrors the Purdue College of Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) where possible though our students will have visits averaging only 4-5 weeks due to their requirement to attend other summer training.  The size of the program is funding dependent, but we have had as many as 32.  Many of these students have enjoyed success with co-authorship of papers, patent disclosures, and some have joined Purdue Graduate programs.

Faculty Exchange Program

The faculty exchange program has had some interchange with West Point faculty and we hope to expand this aspect of the program with the remaining Academies.  One area of expansion in the near term will be inviting faculty serving at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS), and the Service Academies to participate as members of student research committees.

Our graduate programs are recognized as some of the very best in the nation and Purdue University is proud to be a strong partner to those who serve. The PMRI graduate school fellowship initiative supports more officers than any graduate school in the nation notwithstanding AFIT and NPS.  Unequivocally, PMRI provides a win/win for all involved…our nation, the Services and our military officers, and for Purdue University!