Spacecraft GNC & Autonomy


With the exponential growth in the number of satellites launched into space, developing the capability of autonomous spacecraft operation is a pressing need. At the same time, such autonomous operation can never happen without ensuring the safety under all possible errors and uncertainties associated with the operations. The spacecraft must be able to autonomously characterize such errors and uncertainties, make decisions, plan actions, and execute maneuvers while mitigating possible risks without relying on the commands from and communications with the ground operators. This research thrust develops techniques, algorithms, and tools for robust spacecraft guidance navigation control (GNC) and thereby enabling autonomous operations of spacecraft at distance, such as in cislunar space, around outer planets, and in proximity of asteroids/comets.

Relevant projects:

Relevant articles:

  • Fault-Tolerant Feedback Control for Spacecraft Rendezvous using Markov Jump Model
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    N. Kumagai and K. Oguri
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  • Chance-Constrained Output-Feedback Control without History Feedback: Application to NRHO Stationkeeping
    D. AletiK. Oguri, and N. Kumagai
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    O. F. Awad, M. R. Stoeckle, and K. Oguri
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  • Investigation on Autonomous Orbit Determination in Cislunar Space via GNSS and Horizon-based Measurements
    D.C.Qi and K.Oguri
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