Our research advances the fundamental understanding and theories on dynamical systems, control, estimation, and optimization, and applies these fundamentals to spaceflight, including trajectory optimization, guidance navigation control, autonomy, and space exploration and sciences. Our main research areas are listed below.


Space Trajectory Optimization & Mission Design

Any space mission with a propulsion system (e.g., chemical engine, ion engine, solar sail, etc) cannot fly without designing optimal trajectories under the action of orbit controls. [...] Read more

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Spacecraft GNC & Autonomy

With the exponential growth in the number of satellites launched into space, developing the capability of autonomous spacecraft operation is a pressing need. [...] Read more

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Control & Planning under Uncertainty

Any real-world system has to operate under uncertainties; the sources of these uncertainties include robot/operator's imperfect knowledge about the state and properties of the systems, [...] Read more

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Dynamical Systems in Spaceflight

Dynamical systems in spaceflight possess unique properties that are largely different from those of ground-based systems. Deep understanding about the behaviors of these systems is crucial for [...] Read more

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Space Mission Contributions

The fundamental research we conduct at our research group is regularly applied and contributes to flight space missions in collaboration with space agencies, including [...] Read more

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