Renewable and Hybrid Nuclear Systems


Renewables such as wind, photovoltaic, hydro, biomass and Nuclear reactor are carbon neutral or carbon free energy production methods. As renewable energy is intermittent, energy storage is required for uninterrupted power supply.  Topics in renewable studies include thermal, thermo-chemical energy storage from direct solar heating, application of photovoltaic electricity for hydrogen or chemical production and related topics. Phase change material based thermal energy storage and chemical reaction based energy storage and methods are researched. Electrolysis (low and high temperature). Thermochemical processes for hydrogen and chemical productions are studied with primary energy source in the form of photovoltaic electricity and heat.

A symbiosis between renewable and Nuclear reactors is explored where, the power demand is met with the base load from nuclear energy and the variation with renewable and storage combination. The studies include system coupling, integration and dynamics of couple systems connected to electric grids. Also the application of the nuclear heat and electricity are studied for hydrogen and chemical productions as with renewables. High temperature reactors are one such candidate for these types of studies.



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Dr. Shripad Revankar