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Molecular Biology

LORRE has the facilities, equipment, and expertise to conduct molecular biology research, such as cloning genes, developing gene knock-outs, gene expression profiling, intracellular enzyme expression assays, metabolic engineering, and classical strain development for bacteria and yeast. We have unique expertise in the molecular biology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. Coupled with our fermentation facilities and analysis capabilities, LORRE is uniquely positioned to take a gene from cloning through expression and strain development to process integration and engineering assessment of protein production or metabolic engineering performance.


  • Bio-Rad Equipment: Bio-Rad Gene Pulser, Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Gel Documentation System with Quality One 1-D image analyses software thermal cycler for PCR; and electrophoresis for both DNA and protein.
  • DNA Analysis: Purdue’s Ag Genomics Center performs DNA sequencing, automated mapping, BAC fingerprinting (capable of up to 220K samples per year), plasmic DNA preparation (up to 200K samples per year), oligonucleotide preparation (capacity of 20K oligos per year), microarray slide preparation, and high density nylon filters.
  • Incubator Cabinets: For maintenance of petri dish cultures. Low temperature incubator (-1.5 C) also available. 
  • Sterile Transfer Hoods: For transfer of microbial cultures and preparation of seed cultures.
  • BL-2 Safety Cabinet: Sterile hood to be used for working with pathogenic food organisms.
  • Microscopes: Zeiss inverted stage; Olympia TO41 inverted stage light transmission microscope. Nikon Ty120 Fluorescence Microscope, up to 1000x magnification, with digital image capture.
  • Freezers: SD Low Environmental Equipment Company Ultra-Low freezer for microbial cultures (-70 C) and Kelvinator (-30 C) freezer for plasmids; chest freezer for storing biomass samples.
  • Freeze Driers: Lyophilizers for freeze-drying samples.