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Enzyme Reaction Capabilities

LORRE has facilities and expertise for carrying out lab-scale enzymatic reactions from the microtiter plate scale to the 1L reactor scale at temperatures ranging from 4 C to 80 C for both homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction system. Our HPLC and spectrophotometric analytical capabilities support measurement of product yields, enzyme kinetic rates, Michaelis-Menten constants, determination of enzyme inhibition and deactivation, activation energy, etc. In conjunction with our preparatory-scale bioseparations capabilities, we have the ability to separate and purify enzymes for testing, as well as reaction products.


  • New Brunswick BioFlo 110 reactors with computer control and data logging.
  • Shake Flask Incubators: Both temperature controlled floor and bench top units for shake flasks ranging from 250 mL to 2 L in size.
  • Microtiter plate shaking incubators and gel electrophoresis for protein size characterization.