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The Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering is deeply committed to carrying out fundamental research while educating students so that they develop the tools needed to become leaders in the fields of biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, and the engineering of renewable resources.   As part of our mission we seek to combine a rigorous, innovative and experiential education, with the discovery of new knowledge related to molecular mechanisms that will enable cost-effective conversion of renewable resources to biofuels and biochemicals.  In order to enable the focus and intensity that we expect of our students, we would like to be able to offer 4-year graduate student fellowships, as well as to support undergraduate students through grants-in-aid.   Longer term, LORRE seeks to improve and expand its facilities and instructional and research equipment to enable or enhance state-of-the-art programs that address transformation of renewable resources into a sustainable portfolio of food, fuels, bioproducts, and bioprocess technologies.   

We seek your support to help us rank among the best research programs in the world and to sustain LORRE’s deep commitment to furthering opportunities for students who wish to pursue cross-disciplinary studies in biotechnology and bioprocess engineering.

Please contact Mr. Joel Hartman, at, or telephone 765/494-4785 , if you would like to help. The link below will take you to the Purdue University giving page: