Environmental, Ecological and Engineering Systems

Instructor: Abigail Engelberth

EEE 250 focuses on systems and systems thinking. The complexity of global environmental, ecological, and engineering systems necessitates broad systems thinking in order to accurately comprehend, predict, design within, and sustain these systems. The primary goal of this course is to begin to develop an understanding of complex and global systems along with the tools, analysis methods, and thought processes that are required when dealing with them. This is the foundational course in the EEE curriculum, and presents material and ideas that students will build on in later courses of environmental and ecological engineering design.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Understand the types of relationships and dynamics common in complex systems, including environmental systems, ecological systems, and engineering systems.

2. Apply fundamental systems tools and modeling approaches to a wide variety of engineering, environmental, and ecological problems.

3. Understand the foundational concepts and vocabulary of global environment and ecological systems.

4. Appreciate the complexity of contemporary issues related to society and EEE, including an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Offered Fall semester

3.0 Credit Hours