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Agricultural and Biological Engineering Shop

LORRE has access to shop capabilities of the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department which can carry out fabrications of systems and schematic units having an approximate volume of 500 gallons.  Equipment includes an arc welder (Miller Model SR200), and a TIG (tungstun inert gas) welder that allows welding of aluminum and stainless steel. The TIG unit is a Miller Synchrotron 300. The shop is fully capable of welding different types of stainless steels, and vessels as large as 500 gallons can be handled.

The shop has 2 metal lathes with a bed capacity of 14 inches (turning capacity) and a bed length of 36 inches. In addition, the shop has access to a milling machine, which is a Bridgeport with a 31-inch horizontal dimension. Horizontal and vertical bandsaws are also available including a Johnson Model J, and a vertical bandsaw (dual, Model 26). The shop also has access to a radial drill press (Fosdick, 3-foot) and a 48-inch shear. These capabilities are further complemented by the Central Machine Shop, which is a full service machine shop, with an expert design and drafting staff, and includes virtual development services to test feasibility of conceptual ideas.