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Analytical Chemistry Center

The LORRE Recharge Center can perform quantitative chemical analyses of liquid samples by HPLC and GC. The Center has capabilities to quantify carbohydrates, organic acids, alcohols, and protein. We routinely analyze liquid samples from fermentations (both aerobic and anaerobic), enzyme reactions, aqueous phase thermochemical reactions, anaerobic digesters, distillation condensates, and plant extracts. In addition to our standard analyses, we can provide expertise in developing new HPLC analytical methods using ion exclusion, reverse phase, and ion exchange chromatography to identify and quantify biomolecules of interest.


  • Waters Alliance HPLC systems with refractive index and UV/Vis adsorption detectors (isocratic and gradient pumps).
    • All HPLC systems are automated and computer controlled with data acquisition and analysis via Waters Empower software.
  • Gas Chromatographs: Varian 3400 with TCD and FID detectors; Shimadzu GC-14A with FID and TCD detectors.