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Bioseparations Capabilities

Bioseparations of biological molecules into high purity and concentration is necessary for many biological processes. Research at LORRE has focused on diagnostic biomarkers from biological materials, proteins from microbial fermentations, bio-active peptides from plant and animal tissues, and extracellular products from microbial fermentation. The goals of the research are to systematically relate properties of broad classes of molecules and biological entities to their retention on surfaces, and to use this knowledge to develop and model processes for recovery of purified biological products. LORRE has the expertise and equipment to carry out bioseparations on proteins, peptides, and small biomolecules from the analytical scale to the preparatory scale. Previous research as focused on development of novel separations technology (both gas and liquid phase), development of improved bioseparation processes, and purification of biomolecules for fundamental research.


  • Preparative scale systems for open column and moderate pressure liquid chromatography; custom build/assembled preparative chromatography columns ranging from 500 ml to 5 L stationary phase volume; bench-scale membrane units, and gas phase adsorption systems. High pressure chromatograph pumps ranging from 0.01-50 mL/min. Centrifugal partition chromatography.

Picture of centrifugal partition chromatography unit

Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) unit for liquid-liquid separations of biologically sensitive products