Noticing Activity

Description of Project:
Prior to and following an engineering professional development, teachers were asked to complete the Noticing Activity. In this assessment, teachers were presented with two photos of engineering: an object (i.e., apple peeler, milk carton, water filtration pitcher) and a person doing engineering work in the field (i.e., manufacturing engineer, environmental engineer, bioengineer). Using an open-ended response format, teachers were asked to write about the engineering they noticed in each photo. Data were analyzed using a four-point coding rubric, comprised of seven categories (i.e., engineer as a professional, teamwork, engineering design process, technology, ubiquity of engineering, constraints and considerations, goal of engineering design). Results will be used to investigate teacher understanding of the role and presence of engineering in society.

Funding Source of Project:

Heidi Diefes-Dux*, Sean Brophy

Daphne Wiles

Graduate Students:
Tamecia Jones

Undergraduate Students:
Patrick McCrum, Curtis Langlois