Engineering Gift Guide Submission Process


To help identify gifts (toys, books, games, apps, movies, etc.) that promote engineering thinking and design for children ages 3-18.

Review Process

The gifts will be reviewed by:

  1. Engineers
  2. Children
  3. Parents

INSPIRE's faculty and staff with engineering and STEM education expertise will use the reviewers' feedback along with other factors to determine which gifts to include in the guide. There are no fees to have a gift reviewed or to have it included in the Engineering Gift Guide.

How to Submit a Gift

Complete an Engineering Gift Guide Submission Form and Safety Certification Form for each gift.
If your gift(s), are selected for the Engineering Gift Guide you will be contacted.
Send one sample of your gift(s) to:
Purdue University, Wang Hall
ATTN: Tamara Moore
516 Northwestern Ave, Suite 3500
West Lafayette, IN 47906

NOTE: INSPIRE is unable to return submitted gifts. After a gift is evaluated it is either:

  • Displayed in our lab space and/or included in our parent and child, homeschool, and educator workshops;
  • Featured in our presentations/exhibit hall spaces at outreach events and conferences, and/or
  • Donated to a local non-for-profit partner so many children, parents, and educators are introduced to and have the opportunity to play with the gift.

INSPIRE accepts gifts all year long. We publish a guide each year in time for the holiday season. Gifts that are postmarked prior to midnight on August 16th will be given priority for being included in that year's guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who receives the Guide and how is it distributed?

The Guide is aimed at those who care for children, such as parents, educators, and museums. The Guide is published online and it is distributed by a network of different organizations, as well as shared to a variety of media. Last year, there were several press releases related to the Engineering Gift Guide, the most notable being with Forbes, Smithsonian Magazine, and the National Science Teacher Association's podcast, Lab Out Loud.

What is the reach of the program?

The guide reaches over 132,000 people.

What kind of compensation does INSPIRE look for from participants in the Guide?

We do not look for any compensation. We want to bring awareness to toys, games, books, and apps that engage children in Engineering Thinking and Design.

If someone wants to purchase an item in the Guide, where are they sent?

In the past, we redirected customers to the website of the company who submitted the product. This year, however, there is a possibility the we will utilize the Amazon Associates Program for items which are officially sold on We will not be directing customers to Amazon for products which are being resold by a third party on

What safety standards must be met by products submitted to the Guide?

A Safety Certification Form must be submitted with each product indicating that the toy has been tested and met federally required toy safety guidelines. These include ASTMF963* requirements for toy safety, the 16 CFR 1303 regulations banning the use of lead paint, compliance with California law limiting the amount of phthalates in toys to 0.1%, and the federal standards requiring lead content of surface coatings not exceeding 100ppm and substrates not exceeding 200pmm. These guidelines must be met exactly by every product, with no exceptions/substitutions allowed.

*The European EN71 certification is NOT an acceptable substitution for the ASTMF963 certification required for all toys sold in the United States, despite their similarities.


Engineering Gift Guide Submission Form
Safety Certification Form


Contact our team at for questions or concerns.