Spintronics Act Two

Lower Age: 8+
Website: https://store.upperstory.com/products/spintronics-act-two-requires-act-one
Price: $71.95
Year Added: 2023
UpperStory LLC’s Spintronics Act Two introduces even more physical representations of elements of circuitry.
If you can’t get enough of UpperStory LLC’s Spintronics and want a bit more of a challenge, Spintronics Act Two is a great addition. Act Two builds upon all of the concepts of Act One by introducing even more physical representations of elements of circuitry. While you do need Act One to play Act Two, Act Two adds many more complex challenges for any child yearning to learn more about circuitry. Along with more base tiles and chains to allow for bigger more complex circuits, the set includes new pieces to learn about circuit components such as inductors and transistors. You also can buy the Spintronics Power Pack if you want to make your circuits even bigger by providing more resistors. These additions to Act One allow for even more freedom in designing and building safe, mechanical "circuits." ― Daisy Coble, Purdue Reviewer


I really like the concept. It's a cool idea and seems fun. ― Child reviewer

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Apply SEM Knowledge (SEM)
Communication related to Engineering (Comm-Engr)
Processes of Design (POD)
Concepts of Engineers and Engineering (CEE)
Issues, Solutions, and Impacts (ISI)
Spatial Reasoning

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