Solar Race Car

Lower Age: 8+
Price: $15.95
Year Added: 2023
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Thames & Kosmos' Solar Race Car helps kids learn about alternative energy sources.
The Solar Race Car from Thames & Kosmos takes the elusive concept of solar energy and packs it into a compact, affordable, and easy-to-understand kit that doubles as both a toy and a learning experience for a child. While users play with a toy car whose assembly promotes problem solving, spatial reasoning, and logical thinking, they will also get a better understanding of how solar energy is harnessed, the benefits and drawbacks of using solar cells, and how these concepts can be applied in the real world. If you want a simple and cost-effective toy to help a child in your life learn about alternative energy sources, the Solar Race Car is a great choice. ― Jaden Hernandez, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Issues, Solutions, and Impacts (ISI)
Engineering Tools and Processes (ETool)
Spatial Reasoning
Concepts of Engineers and Engineering (CEE)

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