Water Power: Rocket-Propelled Cars, Boats, and More

Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 108
Website: https://store.thamesandkosmos.com/products/water-power-rocket-propelled-cars-boats-and-more
Price: $29.95
Year Added: 2022
Water Power: Rocket-Propelled Cars, Boats, and More
This toy is the perfect introduction for those interested in vehicle design; it allows users to build multiple vehicles while simultaneously exploring complex physics and science concepts in an accessible way.

Creating vehicles is a breeze when using the included guide. The user is encouraged to go beyond and design their own vehicles to address specific problems. The toy is structured but designed for open play, allowing users to engage with it for hours, fueled by imagination. 

Additionally, this toy is incredibly adaptable, letting users make vehicles as complex as they want. Overall, this toy allows children to practice concepts of engineering and spatial reasoning while promoting curiosity. - A. R. Miller, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Spatial Reasoning
Concepts of Engineers and Engineering (CEE)

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