Take Apart Excavator Truck

Lower Age: 2
Upper Age: 5
Website: https://kididdousa.com/products/truck-2
Price: $18.99
Year Added: 2022
Take Apart Excavator Truck
This series of take-apart toys by Kididdo is a great way to simulate the process of reverse engineering in a controlled environment.

Many gain an appreciation and interest in engineering from taking apart their own toys and objects around them, so having a toy with this intended purpose is fantastic. Take-apart toys introduce kids to using different tools like a screwdriver and drill while walking them through reverse engineering, a process integral to learning about different machines.

The toy promotes curiosity about how things are put together, a concept at the core of engineering, while simultaneously promoting spatial reasoning development in young children. - D. C. Coble, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Engineering Tools and Processes (ETool)
Processes of Design (POD)
Spatial Reasoning

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