Snap Circuits Junior (20th Anniversary Edition)

Lower Age: 8
Upper Age: 108
Price: $44.99
Year Added: 2022
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Snap Circuits Junior (20th Anniversary Edition)
Snap Circuits Junior (20th Anniversary Edition) is a gift that consistently promotes engineering design thinking by asking its users to solve complex, real-world problems.

This method of teaching STEM is referred to as situated learning, a process in which users explore engineering as it relates to the user’s own life. One such example is that of the lightbulb, an incredibly simple circuit that is all around us. Through this process, the user retains more engineering skills and gains a better understanding of the process of design.

To get started, this gift offers hours of guided challenges to work through. For the more skilled, this gift encourages users to experiment with the provided parts to solve their problems. Overall this gift is great for all types of users, allowing them to choose the level of scaffolding they need to have fun while encouraging creativity and other engineering skills. - E. D. Corbeels, Purdue Reviewer

Framework Categories

Apply SEM Knowledge (SEM)
Engineering Thinking (EThink)
Processes of Design (POD)
Concepts of Engineers and Engineering (CEE)

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