Current Students


The College of Engineering offers a comprehensive list of graduate courses that will help you customize your degree with your career interests. Feel free to browse the schedule of classes, course catalog and online offerings to start planning your path.


Each semester you will be assigned a PIN number that will allow you to register for classes. Your program coordinator will give you your PIN number prior to registration each semester.

Degree Requirements/Plan of Study

Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a Plan of Study (POS.) A formal plan should be created as early as feasible in the student's career as it guides a student's academic degree progress.

Career Development

Useful resources for professional development, job search and career information are key to your degree as you prepare for life in industry.


Don't miss out on key information, dates and deadlines in regards to graduation and commencement.


Please review the policies page for information on student code of conduct, academic probation and much, much more.

Academic Resources

This page provides resources for students in general interest areas such as textbook information, writing lab, Blackboard and many other resources students will need at their time at Purdue.