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Engineering in the Revisions to the Indiana Science Standards: What Does It All Mean?

Author: Loretta McKinniss
Event Date: October 15, 2009
Speaker: Heidi Diefes-Dux
Speaker Affiliation: Associate Professor of Engineering Education,
Director of Teacher Professional Development for INSPIRE
Time: 3:30-4:30pm
Location: FRNY B124
Open To: Faculty, Students and Staff

The Indiana Department of Education has made available for public review proposed revisions to the science standards, targeted for implementation in Fall 2011. These revisions include engineering standards for K-5!  How and why did this come about? What are the implications? Heidi served on this revision committee and currently serves on the National Academy of Engineering Committee for Exploring Content Standards for Engineering Education in K-12, the follow-up committee to the recently published Engineering in K-12 Education report.  Based on these experiences and her INSPIRE teacher professional development work in several states, she will guide an open discussion to help you answer the question "How do I evaluate these engineering standards?" Click on the Science link under Standards Available for Evaluation.
At each grade level there are Process Standards (The Design Process) and Content Standards (Standard 4: Science, Engineering and Technology). Search for the word engineering or design to help you navigate to these engineering related standards.