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“Creating the Global Real-time Assessment Tool for Teaching Enhancement (G-RATE): A Real-World Story about the Translation of Dissertation Research into a Research Enterprise”

Event Date: December 6, 2012
Speaker: Monica F. Cox, Ph.D., Jiabin (Emily) Zhu, Benjamin Ahn, Jeeyeon Hahn, Nikitha Sambamurthy, and Tasha Zephirin
Time: 3:30-4:20pm
Location: ARMS B071

Informed from dissertation research conducted within the National Science Foundation Vanderbilt-Northwestern-Texas- Harvard/MIT Engineering Re-search Center (VaNTH/ERC) for Bioengineering Educational Technologies, the Global Real-time Assessment Tool for Teaching Enhancement (G-RATE) provides instructors with pedagogical feedback that is collected from direct classroom observations, students’ survey responses, and instructors’ self-reflections of teaching.

Presenters will discuss the evolution of the G-RATE and G-RATE research findings along with their efforts to secure external funding, to publish, to commercialize the G-RATE, and to collaborate across multiple departments and universities. Unlike traditional research seminars, this seminar will present empirical findings about the G-RATE while telling a story about the practical process of starting a research pro-gram, leveraging multiple projects, and engaging under-graduate and graduate students with varying backgrounds, skills, and career goals in engineering education research.