Allison Godwin

Associate Professor, Engineering Education
Mailing Addresses


Columbia, SC


Ph.D. Engineering and Science Education, Clemson University
B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Clemson University

Research Interests

Dr. Allison Godwin's group, Shaping Transformative Research on Identity and Diversity in Engineering (STRIDE), conducts research to understand identity development of diverse engineering students. Her work spans from how student choose engineering careers during high school to understanding identity development across undergraduate education. She employs mixed methods research to understand both what factors influence students to choose engineering and stay in engineering through their careers and how different experiences within the practice and culture of engineering foster or hinder belongingness and identity development. Dr. Godwin has also worked to broaden definitions that are complementary to traditional lines of research. Her research focuses on understanding the intersections of multiple identities including race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, and first-generation status. Often, these identities are researched separately, but Dr. Godwin’s work emphasizes the systems of the multiple identities and how they cannot be understood singularly. She also conducts research to characterize latent, or hidden, features of diversity outside of visible markers like race/ethnicity and gender. Her latent diversity research focuses on cognitive (e.g., problem solving approaches and innovation) and non-cognitive (e.g., identity, motivation, personality, etc.) factors in how students develop as engineers. Her group is working to answer two big questions:

What kinds of diversity in thought, innovation mindsets, and attitudes are present in engineering students?

How do students at the intersections of multiple identities like race, gender, sexual orientation, first-generation status, and others navigate their engineering pathways from high school through college and into an engineering workforce?

CISTAR web site
Mi-Bio web site

Selected Publications

Godwin, A., Potvin, G., Hazari, Z., & Lock, R. (2016). Identity, Critical Agency, and Engineering: An Affective Model for Predicting Engineering as a Career Choice. Journal of Engineering Education, 105(2), 312–340. doi:10.1002/jee.20118

Godwin, A. & Potvin G. (2017) Pushing and pulling Sara: A case study of the contrasting influences of high school and college experiences on engineering agency, identity, and participation. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. 54(4), pp. 439-462. doi: 10.1002/tea.21372

Godwin, A. (2016). The Development of a Measure of Engineering Identity. In Proceedings from ASEE 2016: American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition (p. 15). New Orleans, LA.

Campus Activities

  • Committees:
  • 2016-Present: Junior Faculty Representative, Engineering Education Leadership Team
  • 2016: Task Force Member, Purdue University College of Engineering Diversity and Inclusion
  • 2015-Present: Committee for Advising Space Allocation for Engineering Education
  • 2014–Present: School of Engineering Education Graduate Committee
  • Student Mentoring:
  • 2016-Present: Faculty Fellow, University residences faculty mentor for Meredith Hall Southeast 1Dormitory
  • 2016: Faculty Mentor, Purdue University Boiler Gold Rush
  • 2015: Faculty Mentor, Purdue University Boiler Gold Rush
  • Curriculum
  • 2015-Present: Curator, ENGR 131 Curriculum Curators (responsible for evaluating and improving course materials each year)
  • Outreach:
  • 2015-2017: Volunteer, “Purdue's For Me” recruiting events
  • 2015: New faculty representative, Faculty Advancement, Success and Tenure professional development series