New Graduate Student Spotlight: Anne Wrobetz

Event Date: August 16, 2021
A Boilermaker Welcome! Anne Wrobetz is joining us this fall in our graduate program. She is from Longmont, Colorado and earned her BS in Environmental Engineering and MS in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

She brings with her industry experience as a clean-tech market research analyst and environmental consultant. She began teaching engineering courses at the University of Colorado in 2015 and Front Range Community College in 2019. “I have fallen further down the rabbit hole of Engineering Education with each successive semester,” said Anne. Starting on her PhD in Engineering Education at Purdue, Anne is interested in how nontraditional students engage in their education and what factors influence persistence to graduation. 

Having taught at both the university and community college level, she has seen the unique challenges facing students at two-year colleges. “While community colleges provide a lower cost and more flexible alternative to a traditional four-year program, many students struggle to balance competing commitments without the centralized support of a university. As transfer agreements between two-year and four-year engineering programs become more common, institutions must implement bilateral support programs to foster a unique and diverse student body,” said Anne.

Anne Wrobetz

We asked, "Why Purdue?"

Purdue's School of Engineering Education is renowned for research into diversity, persistence, and the challenges of being an engineering student. In addition, the school houses a world-class program for first-year engineering students, which sets an example for two- and four-year colleges alike to emulate. I have used Purdue's educational resources throughout my entire academic career, most recently in my own engineering classroom. The focus on engineering identity, interdisciplinary design thinking, and empathy combined with rigorous academic standards make for a unique culture that I am excited to be a part of.