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IDE Newest Alumni Spotlights - Danielle Render

Author: TJ Wharry
Event Date: May 8, 2017
In celebration of the 2017 IDE and MDE graduating seniors, this week we're proud to present these IDE/MDE Newest Alumni Spotlights. Congratulations to all the 2017 IDE and MDE graduating seniors!

Q & A with Danielle

What was your plan of study?
Danielle: Multidisciplinary Engineering
What was your focus?
Danielle: Engineering Management
Do you have any secondary majors or minors? 
Danielle: I earned a minor in Organizational Leadership & Supervision.
What are your plans after graduation?
Danielle: Travel! Then, in August, I will be starting my career as a consultant with Accenture in Atlanta, GA. My goal is to obtain an MBA in two years and potentially a PhD sometime down the line. And of course, still travel!
Why did you choose Multidisciplinary Engineering? 
Danielle: I chose MDE because whoever said the traditional route was the only way to go for a student to become an engineer? Students like us don't fit in the "traditional" engineering box. This program provides the desired flexibility to become an engineer and take courses that a traditional student wouldn't be able to work into their plan of study without having to stay longer. The cool thing about IDE & MDE is: the additional interests of classes are A PART of our plan of study. Our plan is shaped to our interests while remaining an ABET-credited program, allowing us to fulfill our engineering requirements and then some. Nothing can beat that.
Can you share a favorite memory from your time at Purdue?
Danielle: It's hard to find just one favorite memory because this has truly been an amazing journey. So I'll say, my favorite part of my journey was becoming a member of the Mother Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers  (NSBE). I never knew how NSBE would shape my five years here. I never knew who it would help me to become. I never knew how much this big family would mean to me. If anyone ever asks, I attest my ability to remain at Purdue to the support from my NSBE & MEP family. I would not have gotten through engineering without them. It's hard being in place where not many people look like you, and so my NSBE family gave me all the support I needed to keep striving and to not quit. Furthermore, being a part of NSBE allowed me to unleash the leader inside that I was always to fearful to be. I was always worried about failure and I only took the roles that I "knew" I could fulfill. It wasn't until I got to Purdue and joined NSBE that I started to take risks. I started striving for the positions that I had to think if I was capable of fulfilling, learning that the only thing between me and fulfillment was fear. I strove for the positions that would challenge me the most and at the end of my five years, I can say I accomplished all I really wanted to accomplish here. NSBE helped me become the person I used to admire and say "I wish I could be like them." Now, I'm here and people tell me those things and I just can't believe how far I've come.  To: NSBE and MEP. Thank you for everything. W/ NSBE Luv, Fo' Solid! Fo' Life! Fo' Eva!