Dr. Chanel Beebe

Event Date: December 3, 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Chanel Beebe for successfully passing her dissertation defense, “But what does it Mean to the People who Matter? Community Partner Meaning Making in Engineering Engagement Programs.” Dr. Beebe investigated engineering engagement programs from the perspective of community partners who conduct the activities.

Her research question and qualitative study to learn what meanings do community partners make of their experience in engineering engagement programs found that participation in such programs presents opportunities for community partners to learn by doing. Beebe found that the research on community partners and use of service learning and community engagement pedagogies is unrepresented in literature, “which can be more deeply investigated to further address the gaps in the research literature associated with the roles of community partners in engineering engagement spaces,” said Beebe. 

Beebe just finished a role as a Design Researcher at Greater Good Studio researching barriers to homeownership for African American and Latinx populations in the State of Wisconsin. On Nov 1, 2021, she started a position as a Design Researcher at D-Ford Detroit researching the future of work and transportation. 

For those who listen to “Engineering Education Research Briefs with Dr. Ruth Streveler,” you’ll remember Beebe and her fantastic work in the arts. She plans to also continue her artistic and community based endeavors with Beebe Arts LLC, Family First Solar and Bitten Magazine.

Her committee includes Drs. Monica Cardella and Brent Jesiek.  


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