2022 College Graduate and Faculty Mentor Awards

Event Date: April 13, 2022
The College of Engineering celebrated 2022 Graduate Student Awards today with several of our students and faculty as honorees!

Graduate Student Honorees hold awards with mentors Drs. Michael Loui and Brent Jesiek

Each on their own persistent pursuit to make an impact on #engineeringeducation, we congratulate -

Aziz Dridi, Outstanding Service Scholarship
Cristián Vargas-Ordóñez, Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award
Dayoung Kim, Outstanding Research Award

(Also photographed are Dr. Michael Loui (Far Left) and Dr. Brent K Jesiek (Far Right)

Not pictured but also celebrated!
Matthew Ohland, Faculty Mentor Award
Malav Naik, Magoon Excellence in Teaching

Photo Credit: Alajandro Baquero-Sierra