Enrollment Management Policy for FYE Students Transferring to Professional Engineering Schools/Programs


Selecting a professional engineering school is a critical step in the career development of every FYE student. Our hope is that each student will make this selection with careful and thoughtful career exploration. This policy is intended to facilitate this selection and to provide every student who completes the FYE requirements with GPA ≥ 2.0 and Engineering Admissions Index (EAI) ≥ 2.0 with a home in a professional school or program in the College of Engineering. 

It is also our desire that every student has a high-quality educational experience without encountering overcrowded classes, recitations and laboratories, as well as has access to a relevant professional career opportunity. Therefore, the following First-Year Engineering (FYE) to Professional School enrollment management policy will apply to all students admitted for Fall 2012 and all students matriculating from FYE to the professional schools beginning in May 2013:


FYE Requirements


Admission into Professional School or Major



EAI & GPA ≥ 3.2

Guaranteed admissions into the professional school or major of the student’s choice with the exception of those schools above critical capacity.

Schools that are anticipated to admit up to critical capacity*:



EAI & GPA ≥ 2.0 EAI or  GPA < 3.2

Students are admitted up to the capacity of that professional school/major. Professional schools or majors that have capacity limitations will have higher EAI & GPA requirements and may use other relevant factors for admission.

Schools that currently have capacity limitations, but accept all students with EAI and GPA ≥ 3.2:



EAI  or  GPA < 2.0

Ineligible for admission into a professional school. Student remains in FYE for up to four semesters to improve EAI and GPA or can possibly CODO to another College.




Remain in FYE for up to four semesters.


*Professional schools or majors that admit students each year up to critical capacity will do so based upon GPA/EAI.

**The student needs to complete the specific FYE requirements in the professional school’s/major’s Plan of Study to enter their respective school/major of interest.