EAI Calculation

Before using the EAI calculation worksheet, please read the following:

The EAI, or Engineering Admissions Index, is a modified grade point average that takes into consideration only First-Year Engineering courses (excluding the first-year general education elective). It is one metric used to determine your eligibility to enter one of the engineering professional schools (see the College of Engineering’s Enrollment Management Policy for full details on matriculating from FYE to the professional schools – beginning in May 2013).

You may use the EAI worksheet in several ways:

  1. Calculate your current EAI by filling in grades for courses that you have already completed.

    NOTE: Transfer and AP credits are ungraded. Therefore, you should not include those courses when calculating your EAI.

  2. Calculate your projected EAI by filling in the grades you anticipate receiving.
  3. Use the worksheet to determine the grades you need to get in order to enter the professional school of your choice. (e.g., "If I get a 'C' in MA 165, will my EAI be high enough to get into ECE?")

Important: This worksheet is for your personal use only. It does not serve as official documentation of your EAI.

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