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General Education in First-Year Engineering

For students entering Purdue in Fall 2014 and later: 

All programs in the College of Engineering require 24 credits of General Education, or courses that provide societal and human context to the technical engineering coursework. These courses will also meet six of the eight Foundational Outcomes of the Purdue Core Curriculum. 

The First-Year Engineering Program Plan of Study requires two courses that satisfy Engineering General Education requirements and Purdue Core Curriculum requirements:

  • a course that meets the Written Communication Foundational Outcome (typically ENGL 10600 or ENGL 10800), and
  • a course that meets the Oral Communication Foundational Outcome (typically COM 11400).

However, some students will enter Purdue with credit in one or both of these categories (for example, through a dual-credit high school course or AP credit). In that case, FYE recommends that a student with room in his or her schedule take a course in one of the following two Foundational Outcome areas (these courses will also meet General Education requirements for all Engineering majors):

  • Human Cultures: Humanities
  • Human Cultures: Behavioral and Social Sciences

The current list of courses that meet these foundational outcomes is available at the University Core Curriculum website.

Students are encouraged to consult with an FYE advisor to choose General Education courses. Students who have met all four of these Foundational Outcomes through dual credit, transfer credit, or AP, are encouraged to talk to an advisor in their preferred professional school for further information on the school's General Education requirements.

For students entering Purdue in Fall 2013 and prior:

The First-Year Engineering Program Plan of Study includes one General Education Elective (three credit hours), and a specific requirement for English Composition. Students will need to complete an additional 18 hours (typically six courses) of General Education courses to satisfy degree requirements of the professional engineering school. 

The First-Year Engineering Program strongly encourages students to complete COM 11400 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication) as their first-year general education elective. Although it can be taken once a student enters a professional school, COM 11400 is designed for first-year students. Furthermore, COM 11400 is a pre-requisite for the Mechanical Engineering seminar course typically taken during a student's first semester in the School of Mechanical Engineering; ME students who do not complete COM 11400 while in the First-Year Engineering Program will be forced to delay this seminar.

Students who entered Purdue in Fall 2013 must complete the Purdue Core Curriculum, and are therefore strongly encouraged to make sure that their General Education courses meet University Foundational Outcomes.