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Academic Help and Tutoring Resources

First-Year Engineering Academic Success Program (ASP)

The First-Year Engineering Program offers ASP to all second-semester First-Year Engineering students who have an overall GPA less than 2.0 at the completion of the fall semester. ASP is a voluntary academic support program offered in the spring semester that aims to:

  • Help students work toward improving their academic performance
  • Introduce students to the support services available on campus
  • Assist students as they explore and confirm their choice of major
  • Support students with scheduled appointments with professional academic advisors throughout the spring semester
  • Mentor students through peer student interactions

Due to the limited number of professional advisors and peer mentors, enrollment in ASP will be limited to 20 students. Students who qualify for participation in ASP will receive an email over the holiday break describing the ASP program and instructions on how they may apply.

ASP consists of the following components:

  • Advisor meetings:  Four scheduled meetings throughout the semester to discuss concerns, academic progress, coursework, attendance, and develop a consistent contact person in the First-Year Engineering program. 
  • Peer mentors:  ASP students can request to be paired with an upper-level engineering student. The pairings will be determined by the needs of each ASP student and their engineering major of interest.
  • Course/workshop support

You are encouraged to enroll in a General Studies course (preferably GS 29500) and also encouraged to attend the Academic Success Center workshops (see

For more information regarding the ASP program, contact Curt Oechsle.

Student Success at Purdue

We have high expectations for you at Purdue. We also know that you are up to it. The Academic Success Center has a variety of programs designed to help you meet those expectations, including

Web-based Learning Resources, Course Home Pages, and Private Tutors

The following web sites provide additional resources including practice problems and exam questions, nomenclature quizzes, and walk-through solutions.


  • Visualization & Problem Solving for Chemistry:
  • Walk-in tutoring available at the Chemistry Resource Room (WTHR 117) with extensive TA office hours available in WTHR 116.

Computer Science



Updated December 19, 2019