Undergraduate Student Employment Opportunities

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants help with First-Year Engineering courses, working with faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants. Duties include helping students during class, grading, assisting with office hours, attending weekly meetings with the teaching team, and other duties as assigned. This position is paid hourly, and the expectation is for you to work 5 to 7 hours per week with the possibility of working up to 15 hours per week occasionally. To apply, students must have completed ENGR131 and ENGR132 (or equivalent) with a B or better.

Fall 2015: Applications are currently being accepted. For consideration, please complete the APPLICATION in its entirety. Deliver your completed application to Armstrong Hall’s First-Year Engineering Operations Center (ARMS B122).

Summer 2015: If you have prior experience as a TA in ENGR 132 you can be considered. For more information, please e-mail: fye-opscenter@purdue.edu.

If you have questions, please stop in the First-Year Engineering Operations Center in Armstrong Hall, Room B122 or e-mail: fye-opscenter@purdue.edu.

Graduate Student Employment Opportunities

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistants help ENE faculty with instruction and instructional material development for First-Year Engineering courses. Duties range from lecturing, course material development, maintaining course management software, holding office hours, grading, mentoring Undergraduate TAs, and other duties as assigned.

The application process for the 2015-16 academic year is OPEN. The deadline to submit is March 11, 2015. For consideration, please print the application once you have completed it in its entirety. Attach an up-to-date CV/Resume and deliver it to the collection envelope/drop box in Armstrong Hall's First-Year Engineering Operations Center (Rm. B-122). Only complete applications WITH CV/resumes will be considered. Please note that preference is given to PhD students and early program Master students. Decisions on hiring are typically made in early April, and continue until all available positions are filled.

If you have application questions, please direct all emails to: fye-opscenter@purdue.edu.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Purdue University's Institute for P-12 Engineering Research and Learning (INSPIRE) invites applications for an INSPIRE Postdoctoral Fellowship position. For more information: Send Mail

Faculty and Staff Employment Opportunities

ENE faculty and staff position openings are posted on Purdue University's Human Resource Services Web site. Learn more about our current faculty position openings.