Letter from the President

Fellow Purdue Engineering Alumni,

As the 2023-2024 President of the Purdue Engineering Alumni Board, I'd like to focus my time leading this great organization on supporting Dean Raman's Vision 2030.

I first read his vision in August with great enthusiasm and loved seeing the myriad of goals related to scientific contributions, technical accolades, fields of research, policies, partnerships, and more. The plan is inspiring, and my mind quickly shifted to how the Purdue Engineering Alumni Board can support.

The goal is for Purdue to become the most consequential engineering college by 2030. To get there, he calls for:

  • Support for more women engineers, under-represented minorities, first-gen students, students with disabilities, and military officers
  • More opportunities to grow our students through experiential learning, internships, and co-ops
  • Additional opportunities to connect current and former students with each other through coaching and mentor programs

What I notice throughout his vision is that before Dr. Raman laid out all the feats of engineering, he focused first on community – on the kinds of engineers we want to develop at Purdue.

The message is clear: engineering advancements are only as good as the people behind them. If we create a supportive, inclusive community of engineers, there's no limit to what we can accomplish together.

The goal for members of the Engineering Alumni Association is to Inspire Engineers for Life, to generate and maintain a life-long connection with all Purdue Engineering Alumni by providing enriched alumni networking, serving as advocates for the Dean of Engineering's key initiatives, and inspiring the next generation of Purdue Engineers.

I ask you to help us in our mission. Please connect with the EAA Board, reach out to fellow engineering alums, and help Purdue become the most consequential engineering college by 2030.

Boiler up!

Adam Miller
President, EAA Board
B.S.M.E. 2001