Letter from the President

Purdue Engineers have always been at the forefront of the changing world we live in. We’ve demonstrated the leadership, innovation, adaptability, and technical excellence to achieve giant leaps in a variety of areas. Our Purdue Engineering family has landed on the moon, lived aboard the International Space Station, helped design the Golden Gate Bridge, founded the National Society of Black Engineers and were instrumental in initiating the nation’s first Women in Engineering Program. These are just a few examples of how the hard work, great minds and vision of over 84,000 Purdue Engineering Alumni can impact the world.

Something I’ve found very impressive ever since I was a student on campus, an early-career engineer and even now as an experienced leader in my profession, is that Purdue Engineers will go out of their way to be of service to others. This culture has been the catalyst towards establishing and maintaining the vision of our Purdue Engineering Alumni Association. Our primary mission is to generate and maintain a life-long passion within all Purdue Engineering Alumni by providing for enriched alumni connections, being a strong advocate for the Dean of Engineering’s key initiatives, and to inspire the next generation of Purdue Engineers.

I encourage you to check out the Vision/Goals of the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association to explore how we continue to enhance and provide opportunities for our engineering alumni to stay connected. Because after all, we are Purdue Engineers For Life!

Thank you and Hail Purdue!
Kevin Metrocavage, AAE ‘96
President, Purdue Engineering Alumni Association