About Us

Welcome to the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association (EAA) homepage. We are here to serve all alumni of the Purdue University College of Engineering - now over 84,000 strong – and all Purdue Engineers For Life! The EAA is a branch of the Purdue Alumni Association (PAA), and is governed by its own Board of Directors, all loyal and proud Boilermaker engineers.  We are working hard to provide more value to our engineering alumni, both professionally and socially.

We promote employment opportunities, support the outreach activities held by the various Schools of Engineering, annually host a widely popular “tailgate” prior to a home football game in the fall, and promote our Alumni Association through the Purdue Alumni Student Experience (PASE). In addition, the EAA Board presents three annual awards each year, in Innovation, Loyalty and Young Alumni, to recognize the contributions of our many accomplished engineering alumni at the Dean's Dinner.

Our social media outreach has been very successful. Our Purdue Engineering LinkedIn site, with over 9,000 members, already ranks #1 in the nation among college of engineering alumni associations. We post many items useful for our alumni. If you haven't yet done so, check out our Engineering Alumni social media sites (links below). We have additional plans to further strengthen the value proposition for our alumni members. Stay tuned for more, or provide your own input, as we communicate even more reasons to stay connected with your University.

Here are some ways we serve you, and allow you to get involved:

  • Stay Connected – visit our social media sites on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on our current activities, and on information about Purdue Engineering.
  • Attend Alumni Events - attend our fall football tailgate, More upcoming virtual alumni events.
  • Take Advantage – of various career opportunities we promote.
  • Recognize Exceptional Engineering Alumni – the EAA selects three (3) individuals in the fall of each year at the Dean’s Dinner to recognize the contributions of our fellow engineering alumni. The three award categories are, The Innovation Award, The Loyalty Award, and the Young Engineering Alumni award. Review the nomination criteria.
  • Make A Contribution – The EAA facilitates the endowment of the Purdue Engineering Scholarship Fund. The fund is targeted for deserving individuals entering, or already enrolled in the College Of Engineering, or one of the other Purdue engineering schools. Make a contribution.
  • Interested in Joining the Board? – Fill out the EAA Board Application (DOCX).