Engineering Alumni Association Ambassador Program 

About the EAA Ambassador Program:

The Engineering Alumni Association Board is happy to announce the rollout of the new Engineering Alumni Ambassador Program. This program is designed to expand the engagement and outreach activities of the EAA Board. The EAA ambassadors will join the board and serve as champions and advocates for all engineering alumni and the College of Engineering. The Ambassadors will also support other board activities in one of our three (3) committees by sharing their ideas and implementing new ways to fulfill the EAA board's mission.

If you would like to learn more about the EAA Ambassador Program, please email We would love to connect with you!

Current EAA Ambassadors:

Kara Cunzeman

BSE Interdisciplinary Engineering 2008, MSE Aero & Astro Engineering 2010

Kara currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works as the Lead Futurist for the Aerospace Corporation, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to providing world class technical support for the space enterprise. She is a graduate of the multidisciplinary engineering program (BSE '08) and Aeronautics and Astronautics engineering (MSE '10). She looks forward to contributing her strategy and foresight expertise to create a bright future for Purdue and the alumni organization.

Dillon Greiwe

BSAGE 2019

Dillon is currently in Phoenix, AZ working as an Applications Engineer/lnside Sales for Phoenix Pumps, a pump distributor. He graduated from Purdue last December, and after a brief detour in the energy industry, he joined PPI in August. He is looking forward to really being able to maintain a connection to Purdue via the EAA and to help others in his community do the same, especially being so far away geographically.

Kelly Featherstone

BSME 2016, Entrepreneur & Innovation Certificate 2016

Kelly graduated from Purdue in December 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She currently works as a Project Engineer for 3M, oversees capital investments in manufacturing and lab facilities for the Abrasive Systems Division. Kelly resides in Minneapolis, MN but is currently in western Colorado on a 3-month work assignment. She is excited to work with the EAA Board to help engineering alumni stay connected and maintain appreciation and pride for Purdue Engineering.

Caroline Jarrard

BSCE 2019

Caroline graduated from Purdue in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. She is a Project Engineer for The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company in Baltimore, MD specializing in multi-family and hospitality. She is excited to join the Purdue Engineering Alumni Association Mentorship Program. Her goal is to help other alumni stay connected to Purdue and grow their own network of Purdue alumni.

Collin Morgan

BSAAE 2010, MSAAE 2012

Colin graduated from Purdue in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering with a bachelor's degree in 2010 and a master's degree in 2012. He currently lives and works in the Bay Area, in Alameda, CA. Colin works for a small aerospace company called Astra that is attempting to develop a low-cost rocket to serve the "small sat" industry. By working with the EAA he is hoping to re-strengthen his ties to Purdue, which has been more difficult living in California.

Sedona Carey

BSMDE 2019

After graduating in the spring of 2019 from the Multidisciplinary Engineering program (go Purple Squirrels!) Sedona moved out to the Bay Area in California to begin full-time with Cisco Meraki, a cloud managed networking & IT solutions company. She started off as a Supply Chain Manager, and is currently working as a Hardware Quality Engineer. She is very excited to be engaging again with the EAA in this ambassador role which she hopes will create new opportunities to connect with more alumni. She also wants to help current students & recent grads find success after college just like Purdue alumni have helped her.

Hugo Arribas

BSMSE 2019

Hugo currently live in Clayton, Ohio working with Caterpillar Inc. and works as the quality manager with responsibility over three shifts for a warehouse providing aftermarket parts. His goal with EAA is to learn about the professionals and their paths to where they areand to learn what he can do to set himself up for success in the future, all while hopefully producing something that will provide value to the association.

Brendan Michaelsen

BSME 2016

Brendan graduated from Purdue in 2016 with his BS in Mechanical Engineering. While in school, he helped create a series of parody engineering music videos and founded a software startup with fellow engineering students on the fifth floor of Shreve Hall. After graduating, Brendan moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and works as an entrepreneur and founder, focusing on bringing innovative SaaS startups to market. Brendan has been an advisor to more than a dozen organizations and acted in a consulting capacity with dozens of startups and technology companies across the healthcare, human insights, productivity, and education markets. He is currently working on a new Al-based venture in the travel space. Outside of work, Brendan loves rock climbing, swimming, and traveling with his family.