Prospective Graduate Students (Who are not at Purdue)

If you are NOT a Purdue student, the basic requirement is that you are accepted to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Department of Statistics.

The general information about the admission can be found here:



If you would like SSIP to consider your application, please put Prof. Chan as one of your preferred faculty.

Due to time constraint we generally do not reply emails regarding graduate admission. Please do not feel offended or discouraged.

Emails of the following types will NOT be replied

  • Mention a few of our papers without elaborating why you are interested in and what you want to do;

  • Have major flaws when presenting your ideas;

  • Throw a CV to us and ask if we want to hire;

  • Poor English;

  • Inquiries about undergraduate summer internship from foreign countries;

  • Inquiries about postdoc and visiting positions. We are not hosting these positions at this point. Sorry about that.

Current Purdue Graduate Students

If you are ALREADY a Purdue ECE or Stat graduate, please check the following requirements and see if you qualify.

  • Strong interests in mathematics. Research in SSIP involves significant amount of mathematical analysis and proofs. While you can learn these skills along the way, preference will be given to those who have proven records of mathematical proficiency.

  • Fluent in the following subjects (or equivalent): Linear algebra (MA 511); Probability and Random Processes (ECE 600). By fluent we meant that you do not just pass, but you are able to apply the material without any trouble. Note that getting an A in these two classes is only a necessary but not a sufficient condition.

  • Strong background in algorithms. One big portion of our research is to develop and analyze algorithms. Thus we ask you to have adequate programming background. Specific language and platform are not important, although many programs we build are in MATLAB;

If you are interested, please send Prof. Chan an email with the following items:

  • Your resume / CV;

  • Graduate school transcript;

  • One representative paper. That could be a journal article, a conference paper or a project report.

  • Tips: Read carefully about what we do in SSIP, and convince us that you can contribute.

Current Purdue Undergraduate Students

SSIP welcomes talented ECE undergraduate students to conduct research at the SSIP lab. For undergraduate researchers, the requirements are:

  • Good GPA: There is no hard threshold; But students with GPA below 3.5 typically do not pass our lab interview.

  • Self-Motivated: Projects at SSIP are open problems. We expect that you can learn things by yourself, and work independently.

If you are interested, please send Prof. Chan an email with the following items:

  • Your resume / CV;

  • Undergraduate transcript;