The Advanced Construction Systems Laboratory (ACSyL) is the center of activity for construction research in Division of Construction Engineering and Management, School of Civil Engineering at the Purdue University. The mission of ACSyL is to identify areas of need and conduct research that produces both near and long term innovations for the construction industry. Our approach includes the broader view of the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry.




    The current director of ACSyL is Dr. Phillip S. Dunston, Associate Professor of Construction Engineering and Management.  Dr. Dunston received his doctorate from the Department of Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University where his emphasis was in construction automation and robotics. While there, he participated in research in the Construction Automation and Robotics Laboratory (CARL) directed by Dr. Leonhard Bernold.



   The breadth of research highlighted at this website extends beyond construction  automation and robotics to include construction equipment and methods and some project management and project delivery related topics. It is our general aim to engage in research topics generated either from the experiences and interests of our students or through consultation with industry practitioners. We particularly welcome opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary research.





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   Weekend Closures for Asphalt Paving


   ASCE/NASA Lunar Construction Robotics Competition

    Productivity Impacts of 3D Machine Guidance


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   Mixed Reality (MR)


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   Automated Rebar Bending


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   Cost and Benefits of Constructability Review    





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