Jon D. Fricker (deceased)

Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051



Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon
MSCE, Carnegie Mellon
BSCE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests
Transportation and urban planning, bicycle and pedestrian transportation, infrastructure and asset management, public (mass) transportation

Selected Research Projects

  • FHWA/INDOT, Measurement and Monitoring of the Performance of Highway Investment, 2013
  • FHWA/INDOT, Updated Methods for Traffic Impact Analysis, Including Evaluation of Innovative Intersection Designs, October 2013
  • Indiana LTAP, Best Management Practices for Right-of-Way on County Roads, November 2013
  • FHWA/INDOT, Employing Asset Management to Control Costs and Sustain Highway Levels of Service, 2014
  • FHWA/INDOT, Estimation and Prediction of Statewide VMT by Vehicle & Functional Class, 2015
  • FHWA/INDOT, Strategies for Grouping of Transportation Projects, July 2016
  • FHWA/INDOT, Strategic Scheduling of Infrastructure Repair and Maintenance Funding, August 2016
  • FHWA/INDOT, Economic Development Impact of Corridor Improvements, August 2017

Teaching Activity
CE361 Introduction to Transportation Engineering

CE512 Comprehensive Urban Planning Process

CE560 Public Mass Transportation

CE566 Transportation Planning

CE597 Network Models and Algorithms

Honors & Awards

Harland Bartholomew Award, American Society of Civil Engineers, "for contributions to the enhancement of the role of the civil engineer in urban planning and development," received 14 August 2006.

Outstanding Paper, "A Statewide Performance Function for Steel Bridge Protection Programs," by Tarek M. Zayed, Luh-Maan Chang, and Jon D. Fricker, Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. 16, No. 2, p. 46-54, May 2002, was one of four papers nominated by readers of that journal.

Outstanding Paper, Sixth Conference on Application of Transportation Planning Methods, Jon D. Fricker and Andrew Ying-Ming Yen, "An Integrated Transportation-Land Use Model for Indiana," Dearborn, Michigan, 19-23 May, 1997.

ITE Technical Council Award, Institute of Transportation Engineers, as Chairman, Committee 6F-27: Transportation Energy Contingency Planning, recognized for "the significance of the committee's contribution to the transportation engineering profession," 1997.

Selected Publications

  • Tanaka, Alison M., Jon D. Fricker, and John E. Haddock, "Determining Viable Sizes for Indiana Communities Based on Essential Establishments and Services," Journal of Urban Planning and Development, American Society of Civil Engineers, March 2013, Vol. 139, Number 1, 9. 33-39.
  • Rod E. Turochy, Jon D. Fricker, H. Gene Hawkins, David S. Hurwitz, Stephanie Ivey, Michael A. Knodler, and Rhonda Kae Young, "Assessment of Introductory Transportation Engineering Course and General Transportation Engineering Curriculum," Transportation Research Record No. 2328, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, March 2013, p. 9-15.
  • Kang Lei and Jon D. Fricker, "Bicyclist Commuters' Choice of On-Street vs. Off-Street Route Segments," Transportation: Volume 40, Issue 5 (2013), Page 887-902, August 2013.
  • Everett, Stephanie, Yingge Xiong, Kumares C. Sinha, and Jon D. Fricker, "Ex Post Facto Program Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Assessment of Indiana's Highway Investment Program," Transportation Research Record No. 2345, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2013, p. 24-30.
  • Warith, Karim A., Panagiotis Ch. Anastasopoulos, Wayne Richardson, Jon D. Fricker and John E. Haddock, "Design of Local Roadway Infrastructure to Service Sustainable Energy Facilities," Journal of Energy, Sustainability and Society, Volume 4, Number 14, 28 June 2014, doi:10.1186/2192-0567-4-14.
  • Pyrialakou, V. D., Gkritza, K., Fricker, J., Accessibility, Mobility, and Realized Travel Behavior: Assessing Rural Disadvantage from a Policy Perspective. Journal of Transport Geography. 51:252-269, January 2016.
  • Kang Lei and Jon D. Fricker, "Sharing urban sidewalks with bicyclists? An exploratory analysis of pedestrian perceptions and attitudes," Transport Policy, Volume 49, July 2016, Pages 216-225.
  • Pyrialakou, V. D., Gkritza, K., Fricker, J., Accessibility, Mobility, and Realized Travel Behavior: Assessing Rural Disadvantage from a Policy Perspective. Journal of Transport Geography. Volume 51, February 2016, Pages 252-269.
  • Xiong, Yingge, Jon D. Fricker, and Samuel Labi. "Bundling or Grouping Pavement and Bridge Projects: Analysis and Strategies," Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2613. DOI is 10.3141/2613-05. To be posted to TRR Online ( between January 2 and March 31, 2017.
  • Chacon-Hurtado, Davis. Eleni Bardaka; Ruiman Yang, Konstantina Gkritza, and Jon D. Fricker. "Tools for Wider Economic Impact Assessment of Corridor Improvements: Lessons Learned from the FHWA Implementation Assistance Program in Indiana." ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems. Accepted for publication December 2016.