Brandon E Boor

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Purdue University
Lyles School of Civil Engineering
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Office: HAMP G241
Phone: (765) 496-0576


Specialty Area(s)

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, Civil Engineering, 2015
M.S.E., The University of Texas at Austin, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, 2010
B.S., York College of Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Research Interests
Indoor air quality (IAQ), HVAC filtration, human exposure assessment, airborne nanoparticles, bioaerosols (fungi, bacteria, pollen, allergens), air quality in occupational workplaces, particle adhesion & resuspension, early-life/infant exposures, combustion aerosols & wood smoke, new particle formation, urban air pollution, low-cost air quality monitoring, health effects of air pollution, and fate & transport of VOCs/SVOCs.

Selected Publications
Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:

  1. Hyytiäinen, H., Jayaprakash, B., Kirjavainen, P., Saari, S.E., Holopainen, R., Keskinen, J., Hämeri, K., Hyvärinen, A., Boor, B.E., and Täubel, M. (2018). Crawling-Induced Floor Dust Resuspension Affects the Microbiota of the Infant Breathing Zone. Microbiome, 6:25.
  2. Wu, T.*, Täubel, M., Holopainen, R., Viitanen, A.K., Vainiotalo, S., Tuomi, T., Keskinen, J., Hyvärinen, A., Hämeri, K., Saari, S.E., and Boor, B.E. (2018). Infant and Adult Inhalation Exposure to Resuspended Biological Particulate Matter. Environmental Science and Technology, 52(1):237-247 (Cover Article).
  3. Boor, B.E., Spilak, M.P., Laverge, J., Novoselac, A., and Xu, Y. (2017). Human Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants in Sleep Microenvironments: A Literature Review. Building and Environment, 125:528-555.
  4. Teimouri, M., Ra, K., Conkling, E.N., Boor, B.E., Nuruddin, M., Howarter, J.A., Youngblood, J.P., Kobos, L.M., Shannahan, J.H., Jafvert, C.T., and Whelton, A.J. (2017). Worksite Chemical Air Emissions and Worker Exposure during Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Pipe Rehabilitation using Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP). Environmental Science and Technology Letters, 4(8):325-333.
  5. Hussein, T., Boor, B.E., Nogueira dos Santos, V., Kangasluoma, J., Petäjä, T., and Lihavainen, H. (2017). Mobile Aerosol Measurement in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Utilization of Portable Instruments. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 17:1775-1786.
  6. Cao, G., Liu, S., Boor, B.E., and Novoselac, A. (2017). Dynamic Interaction of a Downward Plane and a Cough a Jet With Respect to Particle Transmission: An Analytical and Experimental Study. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 14(8):620-633.
  7. Cao, G., Liu, S., Boor, B.E., and Novoselac, A. (2015). Characterizing the Dynamic Interactions and Exposure Implications of a Particle-Laden Cough Jet with Different Room Airflow Regimes Produced by Low and High Momentum Jets. Aerosol & Air Quality Research, doi:10.4209/aaqr.2015.03.0146.
  8. Boor, B.E., Liang, Y., Crain, N.E., Jaernstroem, H., Novoselac, A., and Xu, Y. (2015). Identification of Phthalate and Alternative Plasticizers, Flame Retardants, and Unreacted Isocyanates in Infant Crib Mattress Covers and Foam. Environmental Science & Technology Letters, 2(4):89-94.
  9. Molgaard, B., Viitanen, A.K., Kangas, A., Huhtiniemi, M., Larsen, S.T., Vanhala, E., Hussein, T., Boor, B.E., Haemeri, K., and Koivisto, A.J. (2015). Exposure to Airborne Particles and Volatile Organic Compounds from Polyurethane Molding, Spray Painting, Lacquering, and Gluing in a Workshop. International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, 12(4):3756-3773.
  10. Boor, B.E., Spilak, M.P., Corsi, R.L., and Novoselac, A. (2015). Characterizing Particle Resuspension from Mattresses: Chamber Study. Indoor Air, 25(4):441-456.
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  12. Spilak, M.P., Boor, B.E., Novoselac, A., and Corsi, R.L. (2014). Impact of Bedding Arrangements, Pillows, and Blankets on Particle Resuspension in the Sleep Microenvironment. Building & Environment, 81:60-68.
  13. Boor, B.E., Siegel, J.A., and Novoselac, A. (2013). Wind Tunnel Study on Aerodynamic Particle Resuspension from Monolayer and Multilayer Deposits on Linoleum Flooring and Galvanized Sheet Metal. Aerosol Science & Technology, 47(8):848-857.
  14. Boor, B.E., Siegel, J.A., and Novoselac, A. (2013). Monolayer and Multilayer Particle Deposits on Hard Surfaces: Literature Review and Implications for Particle Resuspension in the Indoor Environment. Aerosol Science & Technology, 47(8):831-847.