Graduate Applicants

Every year several good students from Universities in the U.S. and abroad apply to Purdue University for admission into the graduate program in Structural Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering. We process 100s of applications from outstanding students.

My research group focuses the behavior, analysis, and design of steel-concrete composite structures under earthquake, fire, or multi-hazard loading.  We conduct experimental and analytical research on the behavior of structural components, assemblies, and systems, but our forte is experimental work.

Experimental work can be very gruelling and demanding. Knowledge is required of (a) structural setups, construction, fabrication, erection (b) electronic sensors, calibration, and data acquisition, (c) heat transfer analysis and close range photogrammetry, and (d) hydraulic setups along with control.

I work with a maximum of five to six Ph.D. students at a time. When my quota is full, I do not take additional students. This helps me focus on my current students, and help them achieve their goals and graduate in time.

If you email me, and dont hear back - it does not mean anything. Please apply to the Purdue School of Civil Engineering. If your record is good and compatible with my research group, and if I have availability in my research group - you will hear from me eventually. Otherwise, I wish you all the best. Please continue your search for places and research that will work for you. Remember that the most important thing is compatibility of research interests, philosophy, and capabilities.