Joseph C. Sanders

Joseph C. Sanders
BSCE 1979
Senior Vice President, Operations (Retired)
Charles Pankow Builders

Construction and Management Consultant

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Joe Sanders developed an early interest in construction working side by side with his dad on home projects. He chose Purdue at the encouragement of his uncle, who had received a doctorate in chemistry from Purdue. Trying to decide between design and construction, Sanders spent his co-op assignment with a construction company in Pittsburgh and this solidified his interest. He majored in construction and minored in structural engineering.

After graduating from Purdue, Sanders went west and began his construction career with Charles Pankow Builders in Los Angeles. As an engineer and then superintendent, Sanders had the opportunity to work on and direct the construction of many concrete buildings on the West Coast and in Hawaii. His work with Pankow enabled him to focus on design-build and collaborative processes, mainly involving concrete and precast concrete. As a project manager and later as Pankow's senior vice president for operations for 10 years, Sanders work with cast-in-place concrete and precast led him to play a significant role in the development and implementation of a precast concrete moment frame system, including its use on a 40-story building.

Sanders' interest and experience led him to involvement in the American Concrete Institute, where he has served for many years, including on the Board of Direction and by chairing several technology and research committees. Fostering research in the concrete industry has been a career-long interest. He served as a founding advisory council member of the Charles Pankow Foundation and continues to support the foundation in its research efforts.

Sanders recently retired from Pankow after 33 years. He continues his work in the industry as a construction and management consultant with ACI in research activities, as a board member for a construction company and with construction-related volunteer activities.

Sanders and his wife, Ann, have three grown children and live in Pasadena, Calif.