James Horton, P.E.

James Horton, P.E.
BSCE 1971, MSCE 1972
Vice President/Senior Project Manager
AMEC Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc.

Jim Horton came to Purdue in the fall of 1967 wanting to be an engineer but not knowing much about the profession. For most of his time at Purdue, he lived in Wiley NE which continued his love of athletics as that dorm aspired to win the All-Sports Intramural Trophy each year. A key decision point also occurred when he decided to continue enrollment in Army ROTC.

This led to an Officer's commission upon graduation. It was also during his early years at Purdue that his opinions were formed about the various disciplines of Civil Engineering, culminating in the decision to continue on to graduate school focusing on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

In graduate school Horton was fortunate to study under Professor C. W. Lovell, who welcomed him to a research team evaluating Indiana's Thermally Insulated Test Road. That association led not only to a published paper but also a lifelong friendship reconnecting through a common association with ASTM in the late 1980's.

Following graduation, Horton served on active military duty with the 548th Engineer Battalion (Construction), Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his involvement in various projects designed as troop training projects, most notably a dual oval, moving target M-551 Sheridan Tank Gunnery Range. He was honorably discharged in 1974 and joined Law Engineering Testing Company in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has remained with that company for 38 years seeing many changes both in name (to Law Engineering and Environmental Services) and in acquisitions (by MACTEC in 2002 and by AMEC in 2011). Although involved in the technical aspects of the profession, Horton's career followed a management path, being named a Department Manager in 1976 and Office Manager in 1987, a position he held for 23 years. He is currently a Sr. Project Manager for large design build transportation projects, such as I-595 in Broward County, Florida.

Horton also believes in giving back to the profession and has served as President of the Florida Section, ASCE; Chairman of ASTM Committee D18, and President of the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers.

He and his wife, Alyson have four children and five grandchildren. He enjoys travel, golf and reading.