Bryn A. Fosburgh

Bryn A. Fosburgh
MSCE 1989
Senior Vice President

“The ability to determine what problem is being solved is the essence of innovation, and before you can solve any problem you must know the “why” of the problem.”

Bryn Fosburgh received his Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin - Green Bay in 1985 and his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from Purdue University in 1989.  He has spent the last 32 years in the surveying, engineering, and construction industries. 

Throughout his career, Bryn has been involved in the conceptualizing and development of innovative solutions for professionals across these industries.  He spent nine years working with the Federal and State Governments as an engineer and technologist engaged in the geospatial (surveying), civil engineering, and construction sectors.  In this role, he held both research and operational positions with his primary area of research related to the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its use in the surveying and construction industries.  Bryn also has several awarded and pending patents in this area during his tenure at Trimble.

In 1994, Bryn joined Trimble and currently serves as senior vice president for their Geospatial, Civil Engineering and Buildings groups, which includes the architecture, engineering, surveying, construction and building operations and management markets.  During his career at Trimble, Bryn has held a number of vice president and general manager roles across the surveying, construction and agricultural groups.  He has additionally had responsibility for a number of corporate functions and geographical regions.

Bryn attributes the successes he has achieved as both a student and professionally to the lifelong mentorship of Dr. Mikhail and the steadfast support, love, and guidance of his wife Sheryl and daughter Tara.