Civil Engineering Renovation Committee

David Rater
Facilities Manager
(765) 496-0379
Donna Ahlen
Mgr., Facilities Planning And Constructi
(765) 496-9501
Robert Frosch
Senior Associate Dean of Engineering for Facilities & Operations and Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-5904
Rao Govindaraju
Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-2256
Robert Hershberger
Pankow Lab Manager
(765) 494-5220
Garrett Jeong
Associate Professor and Associate Head of Civil Engineering
(765) 494-2252
Jan Olek
James H. and Carol H. Cure Professor in Civil Engineering and Director of the North Central Superpave Center (NCSC)
(765) 494-5015